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Every good story starts with a silly idea. The story of Kerbholz begins in 2011: After Matthias & Moritz had been travelling along Central America for a while they rediscovered their love for wood. All along the way they had met the warm and haptic material: as a boat at the beach, as a terrace in the jungle or at the artisan markets of the Indians. The various ways of processing this warm and organic material filled them with enthusiasm and let no room for doubt: Wood needs a revival in each ones everyday street style! Once they were back in Germany, they told their friends about their idea. From sleepless nights, blood, sweat and tears, Kerbholz finally arose in 2012. Since then, Kerbholz stands for wooden glasses and wooden watches of finest quality, handmade from the most precious woods in the world. Since the very beginning Kerbholz works in a sustainable way without compromising on the clean design or quality. DESIGNED TO SUSTAIN