We are the biggest selling event in Czech Republic for wide range of designers, artists, for all people who create something beautiful and in high-quality form. We are even for those, who have high-quality cafés or simply know how to prepare great food and drink.
Dyzajn market takes place 5 times per year (spring, summer, holiday, autumn and winter) on Václav Havel Square (Piazzeta of National Theatre), Prague 1. Our event takes place in heart of Prague and we have free entry for visitors. We are also cultural event. Theatres not only for children, concerts, kid’s corner and interesting workshops are always connected to Dyzajn market.


Weekend September 15–16, 2018

10:00–19:00 (both days)

You don’t have time for this weekend, but you are interested in selling or exhibiting your products in the future? We will be very pleased to sign up for the new European GDPR requirements here to send you invitations to our individual events: FILL IN THE GDPR APROVAL.


Václav Havel Square, Prague 1


  • We will select participants and send them payment information until August 13, 2018.
  • Last detailed instructions will be sent to participants one week before the event.


  • Promotion on Facebook page (it has over 38 000 followers) or Facebook event Dyzajn market Podzim or on Instagram (it has over 6 000 followers).


  • We will provide you reserved place – empty space, where you must fit your beautiful products, your equipment and yourself. The spots are one next to each other, adjacent to each other and are not separated by barierrs.
  • The number of places are limited. If  more participants are registred, we will make selection of range of various artists as possible.
  • All places, XS, S, M are covered by the tent or by the building. Places L are covered by the building or white tent which may be your own or rented from us.
  • All the prices are visible in the registration form.
  • Walking height at places under our tent is 1.9 meters, under building is 3 meters. If your construction is bigger than 1.9 meters, please note this information to the registration form. It’s really important.
  • Designers placement allocation was done in a logical sequence and according to the limited possibilities of the site. Placement cannot be changed or adjusted. If you have any requests, it is necessary to include them in the note in the application form. Later, we will not be able to satisfy them.
  • Two or three designers can share one place (with additional 600 CZK fee per another designer).
  • We have also few indoor places in the building on the Square. The advantage of this place is the possibility of installing your products the day before the event.


  • You shouldn’t have any banners or roll-ups if they are not part of  your presentation place or concept.
  • You have to bring your own equipment including light. Only tables in different sizes and rack for clothes can be borrowed from us. All details regarding prices and sizes you can find in registration form.
  • Please bring with you ca. 10 to 20 meters long (ideally circular) extension cords with the required number of outlets to be able to connect to the wiring prepared around your place (socket type E/F/C).
  • Maximum electricity consumption per designer  is 50 W (excluding food sellers). Therefore it is possible to connect only low-wattage lighting (e.g. LED). Connecting other electrical devices (halogens, radiators, heaters, kettles, coffee machines etc.) is not permitted.


  • Please describe your products. Due to the limited number of food sellers it is possible that some of your products we’ll have to delete becouse of diversity of stands with food and drinks.
  • You have to pay a refundable deposit of 1 500 CZK to cover possible cleaning of the space provided.
  •  The place includes free refreshments up to 1 500 CZK. This means 15 vouchers by 100 CZK that the organizer will have on hand and exchange for refreshment throughout the event. Please accept these vouchers and instruct your staff about them.


  • Loading and unloading is only possible from Ostrovní street (behind the National theatre). It is not allowed to park any vehicles on the Vaclav Havel Square nor on the sidewalk in front of it on Národní street.
  • The underground parking in National Theatre costs 50 CZK per hour.


  • Do not forget to fill in your billing information (including VAT registration No.). Invoices are sent electronically. We are VAT registered company.
  • Please note that from the 1st of March 2017, income tax payers in the Czech Republic – entrepreneurs in retail and wholesale, incl. market stall sales, are legally obligated to commence the Electronic Registration of Sales (EET), regardless of whether the sales are their principal or secondary entrepreneurial activity.
  • By sending your registration you agree to take photos, audio and video recordings of your person, your stand, goods or performances. These photos, audio and audio-visual files may be used by the organizer for any advertising, promotional and similar purposes free of charge.

Registration form – DESIGNERS

Registration form – FOOD ZONE