I want to perform at Dyzajn market

Instructions and information

We are happy that you decided to register for Dyzajn market. The registration will take about 10 minutes to complete. It is divided into several parts, where we ask you about your brand, the possibilities of promotion, your idea about the place at the event and we also ask you to upload photographs. We know we are asking for quite a bit of information. However, organizing such a large and popular event is not a piece of cake. Believe us, we only ask you about things that will help us prepare the entire Dyzajn market perfectly. Don’t forget that we are there for you! Should you encounter an issue, don’t hesitate to call +420 725 779 796 (Olga) and we’ll resolve it together. Okay, now settle in comfortably and let’s do it! If you need to read basic specifications, instructions and other important information, you can do it here...

Name of performer / band / theatre

Your name and surname

E-mail address

Phone number

What do you want to perform at Dyzajn Market?

Describe what your performance would be like. If it is musical, what is your genre? How many people are there? Do you need something special for your performance?

How long is your show?

Do you want to charge us for your show?

What amount?

Please tell us the final amount incl. VAT.

I want to accept the offer to sell my CDs and merchandise at the event

Demo of your performance

Copy the URL of a link where we can see a video or listen to a demo of your performance. It doesn’t have to be a professional recording, it can be from a rehearsal, just to show off your art that you want to present to the organizers. If you don’t have a demo online, use a site like uschovna.cz or wetransfer.com. Send us the recording to our e-mail program@dyzajnmarket.com and paste the link into the form here.


Upload 3 photos from your show or image pictures of the performers, which we will use for promotion. THE MAXIMUM SIZE OF ONE PHOTO IS 1 MB / THE MINIMUM SIZE OF ONE PHOTO IS 350 KB. Do not upload your logo, collages, photos with frames, pictures with your logo or any other text, black and white images, or photos from clubs or theatres showing the name of the venue where you performed. By uploading the photos you declare that by using them for the purpose of promoting the event, the works or other objects of protection under the intellectual property rights of other persons will not be used and the rights and legitimate interests of third parties will not be violated and damage to the organizer or any other person will be incurred. By uploading photos with persons, you declare that the person on the photo has given written consent to the processing of personal data (including the audiovisual recordings of the portrait) for the purpose of promoting your performance and for use in other commercial events events where you perform.

Upload photos
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Do you have a website, Facebook or Instagram page for your brand?

URL of your Facebook profile

e.g. www.facebook.com/dyzajnmarket

Number of your FB fans

URL of your Instagram profile

e.g. www.instagram.com/dyzajnmarket

Number of your IG followers

URL address or your website

e.g. www.dyzajnmarket.com

Are you willing to dedicate us your CD or other merchandise for promotion?

Note – if you need to tell us something else, here is your opportunity