Fashion shows

The dominant of Dyzajn market Autumn will be 12 fashion shows of brands creating clothing and accessories, not only for ladies or gentlemen. Design pieces will be presented by 12 women of 4 generations, aged 12 to 74 years. We want to show that in Dyzajn market, women of different ages and shapes will buy clothes and accessories and thus present that they will find not only brands that sew in quality and original but also wearable fashion. The fashion shows will present these 9 Czech clothing brands: Fraise, Anna Janská, Extravagart, Black Mountain, TATE, kroj, eh sisters, EM everyday fashion and Olestars by Kristina Petkovic. Fashion accessories will be represented by handbags from the ogarbags and jewelry from VO-KA, and the already mentioned brand Extravagart will enrich its collection with various accessories. There will also be 6 dogs with practical but also elegant accessories for dogs from FUNKY DOG. Each creator presents 6 models.