Detailed information about the organisation of the event, the terms of participation and promotion possibilities


  • You will have your reserved spot at the event. This means an empty space of certain dimensions depending on what you selected in your application, where your products must fit with all your equipment and yourself.
  • The number of spots is limited. If there is a higher number of applicants, we will select designers who will make the offer on our event as varied as possible.
  • We are an outdoors event, and so your spots need to be covered by a tent. You can use your own tent (ideally easy-up incl. sideboards and weights) or you can rent it from us with the help of our suppliers (ceiling height for spots covered by the tent is 1.8 m).
  • After you apply and pay your fee, we start working on the placement of stalls. If you have some specific requirements regarding your stand, e.g. you want to be next to your friend/partner creator, please let us know in a note in your application. We will try to accommodate you. If these requirements in applications contradict each other, we will take into account the application we received first.
  • Two to three designers can share one spot (for possible exceptions, please contact us). If you don’t need all of your chosen space or you are willing to sell other brand’s products to save on costs, you may share with another designer (with an extra fee of 600 CZK per artist). Sharing the sales space / stall takes place based on your explicit shared request and a declaration upon your honour that you are creating an entrepreneur association (i.e. collaboration team) with the person sharing your sales spot. In your application, write the e-mail and name of the brand you want to share the spot with. We will get in touch with the designers and ask them to register, too.


  • We can provide tables or a stand in collaboration with our suppliers. You will find detailed information on the equipment we can rent you in the registration form.
  • It is up to you to bring all the equipment needed to sell and present your goods (shelves, chairs, lights, even your own tables and stands). We recommend that you measure everything ahead of time, just so you know that your entire set-up, you and your products fit in your space.
  • Extension cords. If you need to plug in to a power source at the event, bring your own extension cords, either on reels or sufficiently long, as well as socket adapters or power strips (socket type E/F/C), to connect to the closest free socket.
  • Using spotlights, halogen lights, electric kettles, coffee makers, electric heating, etc. can unfortunately not be permitted. Power offtake (within the price of the spot meant primarily for lighting) is only up to 50 W per spot (doesn’t apply to food and drink stands, where we agree case by case). 


  • Please, give us a list of snacks and drinks you want to offer in your application.
  • Considering the situation, please respect increased hygienic measures when serving food and beverages in returnable, washable dishes. To serve food and beverages, we recommend that you use mainly (decomposable) packaging used for takeaway. Wear gloves when you handle food. When you prepare snacks and beverages, or when your offer is on display, it is appropriate to prevent the immediate contact of customers with the food, e.g., by separating the preparing area and the counter, placing the offer in display cases or covering it with a lid or clingfilm.
  • We collect a refundable deposit of 1500 CZK from our snacks salespeople, payable in cash in the morning during registration. We will return your deposit after the event, when we have checked that your spot is completely alright – clean, without stains. Sometimes, when the weather is bad, we’re unable do that on the same day, but don’t worry, you won’t lose your deposit.  Please, tidy your spot after yourself. It is always a spot of up to 5x5 m, so it should only take a few minutes.
  • Part of the price for your spot is accepting 15 vouchers for 100 CZK each (or 30 vouchers for 50 CZK each), which our organization team and some VIP’s will exchange for refreshments during the event. We will make the vouchers ourselves, please accept them as payment and inform your staff, too.


  • Don’t forget to write your invoicing data (including your firm ID). We will not check your trade license and tax ID, we leave this responsibility up to you. We trust that you know what you need to be able to sell your products.
  • We will send you electronic invoices. We are a VAT payer.


  • Promotion on our Facebook page / event / Instagram – a tagged post about your brand on the Dyzajn market Facebook page with over 50,000 organic fans, the Dyzajn market Facebook event or on Instagram with over 25,000 real followers.
  • Instagram / Facebook contest – contest for your products on Dyzajn market Instagram or Facebook, which will attract 100 to 1000 new followers to your account, who are genuinely interested in your creative work.
  • Promotion of your internet profile – promote your website, e-shop, Facebook or Instagram on our website or in Dyzajn market Instastories.
  • Interview on our blog – an interview or article about your brand published on the Dyzajn market blog.
  • Promotional photographs – a bundle of photos of your products made for you, together with promotion on our social networks.
  • Consultation – personal consultation of your products, photos, PR and management of your brand social networks.


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